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Discussion Wednesday - the Sleepover

Polished toenails....

Pillow Fights....

Staying Up Late....

Toilet Papering the Neighbor's Yard....

These are the things I associate with sleepovers.

That being said, I grew up with a "No Sleepover" rule.

My parents would let me stay late,

And they would bring me back over in the morning.

My mom always said it was because nobody actually "sleeps" at a slumber party.

(And goodness knows no one wants to deal with a cranky kid)

But as my kids are getting older, they are beginning to receive invitations for sleepovers.


Not a fan.

(I can so see the wisdom in my mom's words)

But I'm interested in what YOUR take is on the whole 'sleepover' situation.

Please, discuss!

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