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For the Bible Tells Me So

We have problem.

Spencer, my adorable, precocious, aloof, and brilliant two-year-old boy is well, having an issue.

Spencer “doesn’t like Jesus.”


I know, it’s bad, right?

In my defense, I have NEVER EVER preached anything but that Jesus is our Savior and that He loves us.

Unfortunately, there is a nursery leader who has reddish-brown hair and a goatee. The problem is that Spencer thinks Brother Nursery Leader is the actual Jesus.

This particular nursery leader (bless his heart) has a habit of grabbing toddlers by the arm and swinging them (gently and kindly) back into nursery when they attempt to escape.

Ever since Spencer experienced this first-hand, he has been terrified of “Jesus.”

As soon as Sacrament Meeting is over, he begins to cry and shout, “I don’t like Jesus! I don’t want to go to class.”

Unfortunately for me, Spencer is a very articulate child who is easy to understand.

Plus he’s really REALLY loud.

And people stare.

I’m all, “SHHH!!!! Jesus loves you and you love him! We’re good LDS people, Spencer!”

To which he unfailingly replies, “I DON’T LOVE JESUS! I DON’T LIKE HIM!”

By the way, no amount of us talking about the real Jesus at home, (and that Brother Nursery Leader is NOT Jesus) seems to have had the slightest effect on Spencer.

He just wails, “I am afraid of Jesus! NO JESUS! NO NO NO!”

I drag him down the hall, with his daddy walking behind us, pretending he doesn’t know us, and I deposit him carefully in the OTHER nursery class (we had to switch classes after this started happening, so Spencer would stay in nursery. Unfortunately, he’s still afraid every week that we’ll put him back in Jesus’ nursery).

Every week, people. Every. Single. Week.


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