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Sunday Symposium: Hold On

In both motherhood and life in general, we often find ourselves in unexpected, prolonged episodes of enduring stages we wouldn't have wished upon ourselves. It's easy to get weary, discouraged or even careless about the things that mean the most to us.

Sister Ann M. Dibb gave a great talk in the Sunday morning session of General Conference called “Hold On,” which gives great insight into the importance of clinging to the fundamentals even when we are overcome by challenges. You can read the talk here. You can also watch it here or listen to it here.
“Heavenly Father has not left us alone during our mortal probation. He has already given us all the “safety equipment” we will need to successfully return to Him.”
“In the scriptures there are very few stories of individuals who lived in blissful happiness and experienced no opposition. We learn and grow by overcoming challenges with faith, persistence, and personal righteousness.”
As you read this talk, what are your thoughts and impressions about “holding on”? What "safety equipment" has made the difference for you?


Stephanie is a mom of three young and relentless children. Her interests include latin music, naps, restaurants, writing, travel, teaching, housework denial and long showers. Stephanie seeks for the divinity in motherhood--- tries to share it when she finds it, and tries to laugh when she doesn't. She blogs for fun, posterity, and therapy. Her musings are chronicled at Diapers and Divinity, and if you know how to send chocolate as an attachment, you're welcome to email her here.

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