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Balancing My Wants With My Needs

Mr. B decided to accompany me on my weekly shopping trip to Wal-Mart. As we pushed the cart, we chatted about the little things in our life: B's schoolwork, cute things the kids said or did, and general chit-chat.

As we walked past the technology section, my eyes drifted to the laptop display. I stopped. B. stopped. We looked at the prices and looked at each other.

"It would be really nice to have a laptop again" I said wistfully.

"Yeah, it would make it easier for you to write while holding Manly," he responded.

We looked at each other again. And, together, we walked away, hand in hand.

When we decided to start a family this young and while we were in school, we both understood that certain sacrifices would need to be made. We agreed to avoid spending money on wants and focus on the needs. At times, this is difficult.

We have had two laptops in our short 2-year marriage. That's right--TWO! Each has died a very painful death and left our desk vacant. The first time, we were in desperate need of a computer and buying a new laptop was the most reasonable. When the second went the way of all the Earth, we couldn't justify spending another thousand dollars for a laptop. We decided to rent a desktop from the school.

Turns out that I do not like to share. I would rather my husband and I have our own computers so that we don't compete.


This post is not about the sharing. No, it's about choosing needs over wants.

Right now, we need to stick to our budget. Besides, I often reassure myself that in the near (six years! gulp!) future we will be able to afford things besides the bare essentials.


Ambrosia is the proud mother of two little kids. She is working hard to support her husband through his schooling and blogs to remember the little moments in her life. You can find her at Making the Moments Count.

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