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Cahootie: Review and Giveaway! *CLOSED*


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I was contacted about a new toy for girls recently. The name threw me off a bit at first, but the game brought back a flood of memories.

My kids LOVED this simple game and had tons of fun picking different answers each time!

Cahootie's mission is to build a leading tween brand that promotes esteem-building conversation and positive self expression through social interaction. Through our award-winning folded paper products, we aim to deliver an experience of fun, learning and connection among Tweens and their families and friends. Through, we aim to deliver a dynamic online social playspace that allows tweens to interact with real world friends in a safe and secure environment.
Playing is simple! You just pick a panel, spelling out the word. Then you pick an interior panel, spell out that word, then the third time,you unfold the flap of the word that you picked, and either get a question, or your fortune! The interior can be changed over and over again because each Cahootie comes with 40 re-usable stickers to mix and match, and there are eleven themes to choose from!

The Cahootie is awesome because it's quiet, can be packed flat, and requires no set up. (Perfect for traveling.)

Lucky for you, we're giving away a Cahootie today!

  • For your first entry, leave a comment!
  • For your second entry, go to the Cahootie site and tell us which theme you like best!
Contest will close on Friday, March 12.

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