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Decorative Painting with Painter's Tape

Below is a picture of my office. Do you want to know how to create this wall in your home for CHEAP with a capital C?

As you can imagine, me and painter's tape, yeah we are BEST friends. I can't live without her lately. One roll of painter's tape costs around $6.00 at Home Depot.

I ALWAYS check for "OOPS" paint when I go to Home Depot. These are paints that someone has returned and Home Depot sells them for $5.00 a gallon. I lucked out and found a scrupulous blue Ralph Lauren gallon of metallic paint. And if you plan to only paint one wall...why pay full price when you will only need 1/2 a gallon anyway!?!?

I made my own stencil with the tape. I covered a piece of wax paper with the tape, cut out the leaves, and then stuck them to the wall.

I had to be careful that the edges of the tape were pressed firmly against the wall. You can then use paint-able caulk along the edge of the tape...which will give you a nice clean, crisp line with no touch ups needed when you peel the tape off.

My cute hubby ended up painting the wall for me while I was out of town. What a guy, huh!?!?

Here is the final result. Turned out SAWEET didn't it!?!?


Brooke is a mom of three who is obsessed with decorating and loves to teach others how to do it the THRIFTY way over at her site All Things Thrifty.

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