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Do you know what is happening with our economy? Everyone is downsizing! People are getting fired due to downsizing. Consumers are ordering small value meals instead of medium in the name of downsizing.

Heck, around our house we’re downsizing.

Cuz we’re moving.

Oh, how I hate moving.

In this case, we’re seriously downsizing. In order to properly downsize, we have to get rid of A LOT. I’m okay with that. Really. I’m strong. I can handle it. I sold my stinking piano, for crying out loud. It’s just stuff, after all.

Want to know who is struggling? The kids, poor Dears.

They are all, “I like that book!” and then they cry.

Want to know who else is struggling? The husband, poor Dear.

In his defense, he’s doing very well with it all. He knows it is what we have to do, but he’s still a wee bit concerned with my brutality. Admittedly, I am being pretty vicious about what makes the “keeping” cut.

“Just call me ‘Morgan the Brutalizer!’” says I.

“But I bought you that!” says he.


When this situation presents itself, I have guilt, and I begin to second-guess myself. Should I be having warm feelings for these items? I mean, some of the boxes were still sealed from two moves ago. Maybe we really do need 396 empty DVD cases… I just don’t know. There are memories wrapped up in stuff. Why else would we hold on to it? MEMORIES!

I have to constantly remind myself, “It’s just stuff!!! I have to be strong. So there.” It’s gone! GOING TO THE DI! I throw it in a box and try not to think about it anymore.

I sort and organize and box up and shout Morgan, the Brutalizer’s battle cry, “DOWNSIZING!” To which the rest of my family replies, “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

All the while the children are weeping and wailing and taking things OUT of boxes.

“DOWNSIZING!” I cry again and round and round we go!

But it’s okay. I have to be brutal, even if it hurts. We only have a 26 foot moving van!

And, after particularly painful DI runs, I quell my pain with half a pan of store-bought brownies. Homemade brownies are out of the question because I downsized all my mixing bowls.


Morgan has no earthly possessions. Instead, she has her children, her husband and her blog,


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