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Garden Dreamin'

harvest by katrina madsen berg, 11x14 oil on wrapped canvas

It's snowing outside {again}. :) But I'm inside, busy planning and dreaming green.

Last summer we enjoyed a very small potted herb and terraced vegetable garden. It was more of a small scale kitchen garden. I've been dreaming of a kitchen garden for a while and this summer, we have more space with which to work.

Last night I was dreaming about our "someday home" {again}. We had a kitchen garden just outside the house, and then a larger garden area with a greenhouse nearby. I want to incorporate the growing of our own foods right into the landscaping. There are so many plants that just look so charming as they grow. We noticed last summer that parsley plants grow amongst the pansies and the other plants on the Provo Temple Grounds {keep an eye out for them this spring}. It is a beautiful plant and I know there are so many others we could use.

Last summer I was having an itch of sorts...ready to get up and go {again}. I suggested we go to Europe for a while and be gardeners for an estate. We would board with the owners and take care of the outside of their estate in return. {Have you seen Sabrina? I think some of this dream comes from that film}. The kiddos would learn alongside us and we would spend much of our time sounded wonderful. But like many great dreams, it wasn't practical for this family at this time. But it was a lovely dream.

I'm just going to keep dreaming and learning to prepare for our someday home and the yard we truly want. 'Til then, I'm making every inch count, learning what I can grow and for how long...trying to figure out how to bring some of it inside for the winter...just like the Citrine Houses all over Europe. I don't mind a garden inside...doesn't that sound wonderful? :)

What are your summer gardening plans this year? Do you have any tips you are willing to share?

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10.09 306katrina madsen berg is an artist living and creating in Midway, Utah. She is a creator of home, a lover of the designer, and a nurturer and teacher of 3 small souls in the daylight. As the day turns to night, she creeps in to her studio and paints till the designer tells her its time to sleep. You can read more about her quest for beauty and to create at the daily delights, or check out more of her art at the wasatch back artists online gallery.

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