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Is My Real Life On Backorder?

I think there may be something wrong with me. You know, I might not be normal.

Hunky Hubby actually told me yesterday that I am not normal, but he says he meant it "in the good way." I will have to give that more thought.

But my point is this:

A wonderful and talented blogger recently posed a question to her readers. Her witty and poignant blog is titled My Real Life Was Backordered, and some time ago she asked readers to tell about the parts of their own lives that are perhaps different than they had planned. I started thinking about what I would say in my comment and I realized something--I don't think I planned anything for my life.

A similar thought actually came to me four years ago when my sister got married. She told me about how she had been planning the wedding since she was a little girl, and was a bit surprised that I had never given my wedding even a tiny thought...really up until the month before I actually got married! Oops! I guess chicks usually care about that kinda stuff. I didn't know! So now I'm thinking about what young Leslie anticipated for her life. What were her hopes and dreams, goals and aspirations? I gotta tell ya...she must have been busy picking dandelions or something, because I can't think of a thing! I know she planned on getting taller but after that, I am drawing a blank...

What do you want to be when you grow up? The ubiquitous query posed to even the tiniest wannabe firefighter and ballerina in our society. I am very sure that I never gave this question even a moment's thought until at least Jr. High, and at that point it was "dentist" but quite frankly, I am just not that smart. I do not think I wanted to be a dentist as much as I wanted to WANT to be a dentist. (If you understood that sentence you are a genius.) Then sometime in high school I got the artsy fartsy bug and decided I would move to New York and live in resplendent bohemian squalor while getting my dance career going. Only one problem...I didn't actually dance. Not all of the details were worked out, ok?

I always assumed I would go to college, only I did not know where I would go or what I would study. Again with the details! When the time came I applied to some schools that looked pretty in the brochures, picked the coolest one, and at 18 headed out into the big wide world of...Provo, Utah. And then, more questions I couldn't answer...

"So, what's your major?

"Uh, like do I have to like pick one like soon? (I was from California) I was thinking I could maybe like try some things on for like 5 or 6 years..."

I won't tell you how long it actually took me to graduate, but a normal person could have come out of there with an entire alphabet of degrees instead of just one little B.A.

I may not have planned the wedding early on, but I did know I wanted to be married and have children. I pictured lots of little ones gathered around me all the time, reading, writing, painting, learning and loving! Growing things, discovering things, making things. We do that. I think I have fewer children than I imagined, but it was a vague number anyway. Probably around 15 or so. Whew! Maybe I should be thankful for dreams unfulfilled huh? Hubby, however, is more amazing than I could have dreamed, and I wonder everyday why he chose me.

So, here I am 13/34ths through life and I still don't know exactly what I want to be when I grow up. So, it seems that everything I never knew I had planned turned out exactly like I never thought it would! Once in a while that lack of planning thing really works. I guess I am just waiting to see what happens. Where this amazing journey of life takes me...

Quote of the Day: "There are only two tragedies in life: One is not getting what you want, and the other is getting it."--Oscar Wilde

guest post by Leslie Cameron

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