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Match the Memory

Match the Memory puts a new spin on the classic game! 

It's a memory matching game that allows users to upload their pictures to the site and build a memory game that anyone can play FOR FREE!

You can also add your own content to the window that pops up when the player makes a match. So the photos of your Hawaiian vacation could have a paragraph about your trip, or an embedded YouTube video, or even a link to your blog entry about it!

The entire process takes just a few minutes, and it's very easy to do!

There are a few pre-made games geared towards LDS families:

The game can also be used for simple educational purposes -- you could have the number "3" on one card, and a picture of three balls on another that your child would have to match; or a picture of Grandma on the first card, and the word "Grandma" on the second.

You even have the option to print out your custom game to play at home! Simple download a PDF to your home computer, or send it to our high-quality printing company for a professional version.

Check out their site at, or you can fan them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter, @matchthememory.

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