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MMB Week: Listings Editors

Mormon Mommy Blogs originally was JUST a blog aggregate. We started with 50 blogs. Then 100. Then 200. We now have close to 2,000 blogs listed with us and the numbers are growing each day.

Of those thousands of blogs, we regularly make the rounds to ensure that our family friendly, PG-13 standards are not being abused. We also check for dead links, or blogs that have gone private. (Because what is the point of being listed if no one can read your blog?)

Blogs have to be checked to make sure they meet the listing requirements, then they have to be categorized, and added to the blogrolls... twice.

To keep things running smoothly, we have two special gals who work as the Listings Editors.

  • Heather likes to think of herself as A Goddess in Progress, which is where she normally spills out the personal triumphs, failures, discoveries, and random details of her life. She lives in Colorado with her husband and is expecting a baby later this year.

  • Rachel is a stay at home mom who loves to read, eat, craft, blog and snuggle with her 4 little kiddos as often as they will let her. You can read more about her burdens and her blessings at Trapped Between a Scream and a Hug.
These lovely ladies are the ones that get your blogs added to the right category, or move your blog from one place to the next (because we all know that sometimes blog focuses change) We invite you to get to know them better so that you can learn to love them as much as we do!

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