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Naps are Necessary to Survive

Being a Mom brings joy. It also brings days like THIS:

It all started with a baby who didn't want to nap.

Which resulted with interrupted sleep every 3 hours.

Which resulted with an overtired, hyperactive baby who really didn't want to nap the next day.

Which led to hysterical crying at bedtime.

Which resulted in parental intervention of all sorts. All attempts unsuccessful.

Which resulted in baby finally falling asleep 2 hours past bedtime.

Which resulted in baby waking up every 1.5 hours during the night.

Which led to serious frustration and extreme exhaustion for both parents.

Which exacerbated frustrations as baby displayed grumpiness.

Which led to a prayer that began: Heavenly Father, I can't do this.

Which resulted in thoughts that it was time to get out.

Which resulted in a trip to Target to have some "Me Time".

Which resulted in the intent to splurge on oneself.

Which resulted in clothes shopping.

Which led to the Dressing Room.

Which resulted in tears because nothing fit.

Which led to leaving the store...

...but not before spotting cookies.

Which resulted in buying cookies because "It doesn't matter anyway!"

Which led to eating one's emotions.

Which resulted in feeling guilty.

Which led to fighting back tears.

In the last few days, I have cried, prayed, lost sleep, been at the end of my rope; I didn't fit into jeans and consumed 350 calories... all because of a few missed naps. I'll count to ten at least 50 (or 500?) times more and eat another cookie.

guest post by Vanessa of Operation: Housewife

photo credit: power nap now by pierluigisurace

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