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Addictions Week

Over the past year, we have received literally thousands of emails. And of those thousands of emails the ones that stick with us have been from the women who have been brutally honest with us; Emails from women sharing with us their personal struggles with their marriages, with their children and with their personal addictions.

The latter ones have been the ones that haunt us when we can't sleep.

Some of our friends that participate with MMB (whether actively or silently) are carrying some heavy, heavy burdens. The heaviest being the burden of addiction-- whether hers, her spouses or her child's-- in all her various shapes and sizes.

It's a silent burden that is carried alone; often forgetting that the Savior is there to carry that burden for you. Take His yoke upon you, and He will give you rest. To find peace from the struggles and trials that are yours, you have to come to understand and KNOW the Savior and what his Atonement means, personally to YOU.

We have asked several of these women who have shared their souls with us to write about the burdens they have been carrying. Most have chosen to remain anonymous. We would ask that you be respectful, kind, loving and Christ-like as you read about these trials; these trials that they are trying to overcome through the use of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Some of the questions and problems were more than we—the MMB Team—knew how to handle or even counsel. So, we asked one of our contributors who happens to be a “retired” Bishop for ecclesiastical advice. We also asked another contributor who happens to be a licensed therapist to write something for us. Look for both of those posts later this week.

Our hope with having an entire week set aside for us to talk about Addictions, and all her various forms, it will offer comfort to those who have loved ones struggling; It will offer courage to those who are trying to change; and it will be as a watchman on the tower for the rest of us to never let our guard down.

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