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Deals To Meals and a Giveaway

Grocery shopping is probably my least favorite thing to do. It’s tedious and requires spending money. Why is it tedious? Because I am a total scrooge. I have to look at all the Ad’s for all of the stores in my area to see what is on sale. After doing that I can plan my menus—based on what’s on sale.

When I shop this way, scouring the Ad’s for things that are on sale; then comparing all the stores prices; finally making my actual shopping list-- it can take the better part of the day.

That’s why grocery shopping is tedious.

However, I was contacted recently by Deals to Meals to see if I would give their site a trial run. I am all about trying anything that will save me time and money. I used Deals to Meals for a solid two months. I played around on their website, and I have to tell you that I LOVE this site.

Here’s how it works:

· We compare prices of the major grocery stores to Costco, Sams Club, and Wal-Mart.

· We tell you where the best deals are to stock up your food storage and freezer.

· We provide a meal planning service to help you incorporate your food storage into your weekly meals, saving you money by having your meals planned around sale items.

· We design a weekly grocery list to make meal planning easy.

· We share delicious recipes. We give weekly tips & information on food storage.

· We offer a two week free trial with no obligation, no contracts to sign, cancel at anytime.

I have tried all of the things that they listed above. Each store has a clickable screen where you can see the great deals (signified in red color) and good deals (signified in blue color). You click on what you want then hit PRINT. That’s right, it will then print off all the items you were interested in, SORTED by stores. I am not kidding. That little feature makes price matching a breeze! If you’re anything like me, you will then take the best prices and rather than go to ninety-bazillion stores, you will just go to Wal-Mart and have them price match. That is the main reason I shop at Wal-Mart—they price match.

Deals to Meals also states:

We do allow ALL people who sign up on our site to receive a two week FREE trial! There are NO contracts on our site, so you only pay the $4.95/mo. price if you find our services helpful and that it saves you money. For only $1.13 a week we do ALL of the work for you. Try out our service and see how much TIME and MONEY you can save!!

The other really slick thing on Deals to Meals is that they have menus already planned out for you using the items that are on sale that particular week. I’m telling you its sweet! I tried the menu plan from March 15th, and it made my life SO dang simple. They even go so far as to make a shopping list for all the items you will need for that weeks menu, if you choose to go that route.

They also keep an entire month’s menus up on the site, along with the applicable grocery shopping list. Talk about making your grocery shopping experience pain free!

If you are food storage incompetent (like me) then Deals to Meals has a plan for you! On each stores list, it will list the shelf life of the item, as well as how much of the item you will need for a year’s supply. My husband was thrilled with that idea. Food storage overwhelms me.

Deals to Meals has taken the pressure off the whole food storage campaign and I can actually work on it without having a minor panic attack. There are no additional screens to click to see that valuable little feature either. It’s right there, where you are planning your shopping list.

There are other price comparison sites out there, but they just have the actual lists—you still have to do all the work. Deals to Meals not only has the list, but makes it so that after you clicked on all the items you are interested, you can print out just what you want to see. This company will simplify your grocery shopping by leaps and bounds! I love using their product and I think you will too!

Giveaway time!

Deals to Meals & MMB are giving one lucky reader a years membership to this awesome website.

Head over to MMB's Review site to enter for a chance to win!


disclosure: MMB was given a free membership to Deals to Meals to try and review.

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