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Discussion Wednesday - Teens

I was afraid of teenagers when I was a teenager. They can be scary. But, in the same breath they can also be a delight to be around. They have developing minds, and evolving personalities. They don't scare me so much now that I am an adult. However, they can still be a giant pain in the neck.

Some teens are just obedient and it never crosses their minds to test the boundaries. Other teens push the envelope every single day. Just because they can.

How do you handle those kinds of teens -- the boundary testers?

How do you handle teens that don't want to go to church on Sundays?

How do you handle teens that don't want to go to YM/YW activities during the week?

Do you pick your battles with your teens?

What are the battles that you are willing to lose and
what are the ones that you are dedicated to fighting -- no matter what?

What are the lines you are NOT willing to cross?

How do those of you who have teens handle these problems?

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