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Our "To do it All" List: The Balancing Act

chloé’s bonnet by katrina madsen berg, 6x8 oil on canvas, (of chloé’s baby blessing ensemble)

Before music class last month, my friend Kristi, {Miss Kristi}, shared her big news with me. She and her husband had just learned that they were chosen to adopt a sweet daughter - to be born in just a few weeks!

Let me back up a bit. One morning last summer, we were together in her newly finished basement, her headquarters for Music Together. As our kiddos played, we talked about her latest design dreams for her basement - colors, ideas, paintings of musical instruments on the wall, a large portrait (we called it the mural), of she and her children making music together. But the dream that touched me the most was her desire to adopt a third child.

You can imagine the elation I felt when she told me that dream was soon to become a reality. Oh, how I love adoption!

Then Kristi told me how she'd been thinking of me, specifically thinking about what it will be like for her to have three little ones at home... so close in age. You see, she watches us in Music Class - I, the only crazed mom that comes with three kiddos (or that, at the very least, has taken several classes with all 3 in tow). We have a blast, but it is hard work. (Just ask my MIL who was completely worn-out after taking them once. I vowed never to do that to her again!)

Kristi and I talked candidly for a bit. I described how the transition from 2 to 3 was not easy for me. She laughed and said she just wanted honesty. She wanted to know how hard it would be... how much she'll need to slow down.

Just like all you beautiful ladies out there, Kristi is an amazing gal. She is a beautiful mother, a talented Music Together teacher, as well as a Piano Teacher. She is a balancing act of mother, marriage partner, teacher, and friend (among the many other bonnets she wears).

Truly, it is a balancing act. I believe our Father in Heaven is keenly aware of the many things women juggle, and feels joy when we use the talents we have been given.

I've been thinking about "seasons" lately. Yes, there is a time and a season for all things. But there is also a balancing act of sorts, of the many things we choose to do now. How do we make sense of it all?

We know we have each been blessed with talents, and that we are not to hide them in the sand. The question then, is how and when to use them. Does our Heavenly Father expect us to only use them during certain seasons?

I don't believe so.

I shared my feelings with Kristi. I told her that I believe He expects us to use what we have been given; that we really can "do it all"... in a way...

This is where priorities come into play. As we analyze the gifts we've been given, talents we use to serve our families and others, we still have to choose. We choose what will be on our "do it all" list. I've decided there are many things I just can't put on my list at this time. But there are still quite a few talents I can develop right now.

We all have a list. And they should be different. After much pondering, and evaluation, here is my list:

  1. marriage
  2. motherhood
  3. faith
  4. teacher
  5. chef
  6. artist
  7. recorder
  8. friend

No, it's not a long list. But I've decided that I'm going to do it all!

At least, all that is on my list. :)

Doing it all doesn't mean that I have to give 100% in every area. That is where "seasons" and priorities play a part.

Right now, I have three wee ones at home. We do preschool at home. When they are all in school, I imagine I will have more time to be an artist and keep better tabs on my friends. In this season of my life, a couple hours a week doing art is still doing it all for me.

Even though, I placed motherhood, marriage, & faith in #'s 1-3, I feel they, combined, take priority #1. Or at least, they share the same % of my time and energy.

Learning to cook from scratch is a higher priority than painting, so I'm trying to use that time to learn and create each day.

Honestly, looking at friend at the end of my list makes me feel guilty. I've not found the time to be the friend I'd like to be. I'd love to call and chat with so many of you on a regular basis. I just hope that a quick email or comment on your blog reminds you that I care and that though I don't call, I do think of each of you... a lot! Much of the mother and wife I am becoming and hope to become has been influenced by so many dear friends.

And so, to my dear friend, Kristi, congrats! Congrats on sweet Annabelle. She is beautiful! Make your list and take it to the Lord. He will help you do all that he has asked of you, all that you have chosen, and all that you want to be as a new mother of three.

Much love,


PS. Looks like we will need to do another mural here in a year or two... :)

What is on your "to do" list? Does it change as mine does, ever so frequently with new blessings/gifts, and responsibilities? How have "seasons" affected your list?

katrina madsen berg is an artist living and creating in Midway, Utah. She is a creator of home, a lover of the designer, and a nurturer and teacher of 3 small souls in the daylight. As the day turns to night, she creeps in to her studio and paints till the designer tells her its time to sleep. You can read more about her quest for beauty and to create at the daily delights, or check out more of her art at the wasatch back artists online gallery.

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