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Somebody Spiked the Lemonade!

My grandma is kind of crazy. Not like, "Oh, look at that funny hat Grandma is wearing" crazy. Like, "Oh look, Grandma is wearing two different shoes, both on the wrong feet" crazy.

One day I arrived at her house and found her sitting in her favorite chair drinking a Mike's Hard Lemonade, with an already empty bottle next to her. Our conversation went something like the following:

Me: Grandma, whatcha drinking?
Her: Oh, just a little lemonade.
Me: Oh, I see. Did you know there's alcohol in that lemonade?
Her: There is? Well, I guess I'd better not drink anymore of this.

Her last line was followed with a rather long pull from the bottle, before I took it away to dump the rest down the sink. This story has become a dinner table legend among my family. Sometimes we even refer to her as Crazy Drunken Grandma.

Anyway, my point is this: How often do we accidentally sin? How often do we drink from the metaphorical hard lemonade bottle without realizing what it is we're doing? And even more importantly, how often do we continue to sin after we realize what it is we're doing wrong?

I'm definitely guilty of this. As you can see from the story about my grandma, I come from a rather colorful family. To be completely honest, we put the Fun in dysFUNctional. So, once we hit late-teen/adulthood, language was not something enforced in our house. We will curse in casual conversation, throw in a mild expletive to punctuate a joke, or let one drop when we stub our toe. The truth is, I'm so desensitized to swearing that I don't even realize I'm doing it anymore. When it comes to curse words, I no longer taste the "hardness" in the lemonade.

One of the accidental sins among women especially, is gossip. It starts out simply enough with something such as, "Did you hear that Sister Jones is expecting?" and can quickly turn into, "Oh my! She can barely handle the 6 she has, what are they going to do with one more?" That lemonade was spiked in a big fat hurry.

In a world with so many gray areas, it is definitely easy to fall into a pattern of accidental sinning. Personally, I'm going to try harder to stick to regular lemonade, and avoid the Mike's Hard at all costs.

Annicka, also know as Pippi Longstocking, is a nurse, wife, sister, and daughter. She and her husband, Curious George, are currently in Act 2 of their life together, in which they are attempting to multiply and replenish the earth.

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