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Traveling: A Necessary Evil

Imagine you are traveling with your infant, who just so happens to hate his car seat. I mean, why wouldn’t he? He's long since figured out that he has more important things to do than sit still, like throw his toys or roll from point A to B.

Now imagine that he is teething.

And now, rack your brain for ways to keep all tantrums at bay for the 10 total hours you’ll be driving in the middle of nowhere.

Wanna keep playing?

Good. Let the role-playing continue!

Your already long trip has been drawn out by frequent stops, most of which were completely unnecessary. You are an hour away from your destination. It’s late. It’s two hours past your baby’s bedtime. (Disastrous in and of itself.) Your baby is exhausted and cranky. And then, not to your surprise, he starts screaming - ear piercing, get-your-heart-pumping, type screaming.

Now what?

He refuses to take his pacifier. He doesn’t want his blanket. Quite frankly, he is ticked off and wants everybody to know about it. And by everybody, I mean the car-load of people that are accompanying you on your trek, including your much younger and slightly dorky brother.

So what do you do?

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

You announce to everybody to keep his or her eyes forward. You pull up your shirt. You loosen your seat beat as far as it will stretch without unbuckling, because you are, after all, a law-abiding citizen. Finally, you situate your body in the most uncomfortable position you could ever imagine so that you can nurse your baby into a milk-induced coma, without removing him from his car seat.

Congratulations! You just experienced a Mommy Victory whilst cruising down the highway. That leg cramp and numb arm are well worth your efforts and creativity. You go, girlfriend.

Not that I know from experience what this sweet victory tastes like. This is, after all, JUST a hypothetical scenario.

Vanessa is the wife to the modern Price Charming and mommy to the most scrumptious baby boy who has mastered a fake cry. She spends her days avoiding laundry, enforcing naptime, and setting off the fire alarm while cooking. She blogs for her sanity at

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