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What I Don't Know How to Say

I am the woman sitting next to you in Relief Society. Our kids play together. We laugh and joke all the time.

Although I truly enjoy our friendship, there is a secret that keeps me from fully bonding with you.

You see, my husband is addicted to pornography.

It's a large burden to carry alone, and so many of us women do. Whether you know it or not, there is probably someone close to you that is addicted to pornography.

Often, we don't know how to reach out to each other. We're afraid of what people will say or how people will treat us.

Please, be sensitive in the things you say.

You can't really know what you'd do in our situation unless you have walked our road. Leaving him is not always the answer. It takes more strength to stay.

Some of us are doing okay. Some of us need a lot of help and support. Please, just be our friends and don't judge us. We're not perfect, and we're doing the very best we can.

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