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The Dance

"Dancing's just a conversation between two people.  
Talk to me."
-Hope Floats

Do you remember the first dance you ever went to?  

If you're LDS, you had probably just turned the magical age of 14. You were anxious -- perhaps a tad too anxious -- as you carefully combed your closet for the perfect grand entrance outfit. Three hours later, with your Dad at the wheel, you sat in the passenger seat, holding that little square "Dance Card" given to you the week before by your Bishop. What a fun interview that was, right?

After showing your "recommend for dancing" to the Priesthood rep there at the door, I'm sure you did not make a bee line for the cultural hall where lights, sounds of laughter, and popular music breathed through the air like an overwhelmingly hot 2nd period high school gym class. Instead you raced  to every girl's sanctuary: The Ladies Room.

You know -- the place with a few stalls where you could "stall" until the slow songs were over to avoid looking desperate while waiting for some lanky, glasses-wearing, deacon-turned-teacher to ask you to dance. (I use the word "dance" very loosely.)

I'm sure once you heard a fast song starting up, you looked at your face in the mirror for the bazillionth time and mentally pushed yourself out of the restroom and down the church halls into the big old place full of teenagers.

And it came as an utter surprise that the scene wasn't exactly what you pictured it to be. It wasn't like the dance scene you remember from "Footloose"...what the?!

Why are all the boys standing against the walls?

When are my friends going to get here?

Who is that girl over there wearing a princess tiara and twirling by herself?

Where are the chaperons? I think those kids under the basketball hoop are making out!

Again....what the?!?!?!

Then a song comes on.  It's the one.  Your absolute favorite. Every day for the past month you just had to listen to it a million times. And something changes within you. It starts with your feet. They start to move from side to side. Then your hips follow suit.  Soon your head is bopping to the beat and in the words of Gloria Estefan, "The rhythm is gonna get ya!"

Suddenly your best friend from Mia Maids walks through the door and you groove to your hearts' content. With every new song you see more and more people start to take the dance floor....and some of them are boys! And some of them are cute! But do they even see you?

Oh great.  Another slow song.  Someone asks your friend to dance. Now what? You look around awkwardly...more and more couples are taking to the floor. Nice. Loserville here I come.

You feel a tap on your's a boy from your ward. He's almost sixteen and a year above you in school. He confidently asks you to dance. It takes all of a millisecond to compose yourself...and you confidently accept.

And thus ends your first official experience at a dance. Better than 6th period Spanish class for sure, but not as fun as makeovers and slumber parties...but who knows? Maybe next time you won't have to go to the restroom first to "rally the troops" within.  Maybe next time you'll just walk in and like Kevin Bacon, start the party yourself. 


Katy is a musically inclined mother of three who loves life, her husband Dave, and cheesecake.  Ahhhh....blessed cheesecake.  Her fun filled roller coaster of thoughts can be found at Admission is always free.

*photo courtesy of .nervara from flickr 

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