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It's Found in the Little Things

Lately, it seems that, as a parent, the days tend to roll together and mesh into one big pile of never ending, food-crusted laundry. While each day is unique and vastly different from all the others, there is still so much the same.

Kids keep you busy enough that you don't seem to notice days that slip by, one after another until, for a brief moment, you shift down from Super Sonic Mode long enough to notice that you've been wearing your shirt backwards all day. Then you say something like, "Holy mini-van! Is it mid-(insert current month here) already!?"

It's funny how things tend to build up unnoticed until a big break down occurs in far worse fashion than my husband's unreliable truck. And it's ALWAYS that silly feather that settles on top of your emotional pile that brings the whole thing crashing down on top of you.

(So the moral of the story here is, watch out for birds! No, no wait... that's not it.)

I, too, am prone to emotional weakness from time to time. I know that comes as a great shock to may, but it's true.

Just don't tell anyone, especially my husband.

I want to surprise him.

I have spent many weekends questioning my self-worth, wondering about the choices and decisions I have made, feeling a little unsure about my life's current path. I have felt frustrated with myself for all the things I've never done and all the attributes I haven't yet acquired.

And then one Sunday, as I sat in Sacrament meeting, I glanced across the pew towards my husband, strategically seated at the other end. I noticed our three children. Three little blonde heads were bent down over three coloring books, all contentedly intent on the task at hand. (Granted -- that only lasted about 30 seconds.)

Suddenly, I felt like a little teenager as realized the enormity of the trust I've been given to raise these children. I felt like I was just a kid -- and what in the world are kids doing raising babies!?

I was still feeling a bit overwhelmed and completely unworthy after we came home. Then I saw my oldest child, singing to and playing with her baby sister and making her smile and giggle.

Funny how something so simple can change your whole perspective.

So you know, it's going to be alright. Somehow, it will all be okay... especially if chocolate is involved.


Serene is a mom of four kids in four and a half years who loves chocolate, art, and high heels. She blogs over at Serene is my name, not my life! She is also a freelance artist. View her work HERE!

*Artwork by Serene

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