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Make Your Own Home

Have you ever stopped to think about what it means to make a home? Besides a class, or the particular domain of one of the Relief Society counselors, what is the definition of Homemaking?

Ladies, we make homes. We make memories, childhoods, traditions. We make a little slice of heaven on earth.

Does that sound a little too rosy to you? Sure, there's chocolate smeared on the door knobs, and the smeared remains of hundreds of toddler raspberries on all the windows. There are dolls on the stairs, half-drunk cups of milk in the fridge, and most of the Tupperware is in the bath tub. But it's home. Crazy, messy, safe, and nurturing, we've got one shot at each day. Let's do something!

photo courtesy of my little camera

Myrnie is Mom to two little girls, wife to her husband, and a lifelong book junkie. She can be found crafting here and being DIY here.

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