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Motherhood: Lessons Learned

Isn't it amazing how much you change when you become a mother? I feel as though I have grown as a person, as a woman, as a daughter of God. As a know-it-all an intelligent person, I adore learning, and being a mother has provided many learning experiences for me. Here are a few of the lessons I've learned so far.

1. It doesn't matter how many times I give the Bug a sandwich; he will always pull it apart and place it, insides down, on his tray before eating precisely half of it. It's better to give him one slice of bread, with the sandwich fillings on it. That's all he's going to eat, anyway. (Lesson: Sometimes you have to let go of what you feel is "correct", for what works.)

2. Inevitably, my desire to complete some type of housework creates an intense desire in the Bug to have my complete and undivided attention. Now. Things always go more smoothly if I stop, give him the attention he wants, and then move on the housework. (Lesson: The most important things to do are the ones not listed on your to-do list. The dishes can wait.)

3. The simplest things can make the Bug giggle uncontrollably. You know that infectious belly laugh that only little ones can do? Yeah, that. (Lesson: Lighten up. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Laugh!)

Apparently, getting your picture taken is pretty hilarious.

4. At 17 months, the Bug already knows how to push Mommy's buttons. Oh, you don't want me to open this cupboard and pull everything out? Well, let's just see what happens when I do. (Lesson: Humans have the capacity to love unconditionally. It doesn't matter what our children do, we still love them. Imagine how much God loves us!)

5. Conversely, it doesn't matter what I do, what kind of mood I'm in, whether I am wearing any makeup, or if my hair is done; the Bug is always ready with a big sloppy kiss and a snuggle. (Lesson: Give your love freely.)

6. My wants are now primarily based on his needs. (Lesson: I am not the center of the universe any more. Not even the center of my own universe. And that's ok.)

7. I now understand all of those things my own mother used to say to me, because I find myself saying them to the Bug. (Lesson: Yes, Mom was right. You should let her know; it'll make her day!)

8. The world is amazing. From the rain and clouds, to the lights on our Christmas tree, the things I take for granted are new and exciting for him. (Lesson: Slow down and take it all in. The world that God made for us truly is amazing. Take joy in the little things.)

9. Family is the best thing ever. My mom and baby sister showed up at our home a week before this past Christmas, to help me out after I'd been in the hospital. The look on the Bug's face when he saw them at the door was enough to bring both tears and laughter at the same time. He was that excited to see them. (Lesson: Keep your family close. They are here to go through this life with you. They are here to support you. Love them. Don't take them for granted.)

10. Looking back on photos, I wonder where the time has gone. I can only imagine what that will be like when he is 12, 16, 21. (Lesson: Time truly does fly. Make sure you're living every moment to its fullest.)

I think motherhood is a continuing journey of learning. And, I'm so very glad I'm on the journey.

What are some lessons you've learned from being a mother?

Krystal lives in Colorado with her husband, a self-proclaimed broken hipster, and their son, whom they lovingly refer to as, The Bug. The list of things she loves includes (among other things) sewing, decorating, the Pacific Ocean, classic films, classic literature, cooking and baking, chocolate, shoes, and nail polish. She spends her days chasing after The Bug, picking up her husband's wet towels and dirty socks, adapting her favorite recipes to fit her gluten/dairy/sugar/soy free diet, blogging, sewing, and trying to make her home as comfortable as she can.

Krystal can be found at her blog, The Clever Mommy

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