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Myths and Massage

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Have you considered Massage Therapy as a form of stress-relief and whole-body wellness? Many have and the number of local clients grows by the day.

I’ve been a full-time Utah-based clinical massage therapist in private practice for nearly 13 years. I have found the people of this state to be more open to and educated about “complimentary medicine” than any other place I have lived. However, some myths about massage therapy still persist.
Myth: Massage is Immoral.
Truth: Today, there exists a clear distinction between medical/holistic massage and “entertainment massage.” True therapeutic massage is performed by a trained, state-licensed health care profession. Massage Therapy has, since ancient times, been the best method to increase circulation in the body, eliminate toxins, prevent and help heal many acute and chronic injuries, and rest the body and mind. In fact, before the advent of penicillin and other prescription drugs, massage techniques were required learning at most accredited medical and nursing institutions worldwide.
Myth: The body worker will judge my imperfect body.
Truth: Because of my training and focus on what’s under the skin (i.e. muscle insertions, origins, innervations, articulations, posturing, etc.), I lost all ability to judge a client’s body in the traditional sense during my first week in massage school. If anything, because of the number of clients we see and our under-the-skin focus, I believe massage therapists are much more realistic in our understanding of body types and much less judgmental than many other practitioners.
Myth: I have to be naked… yikes!!
Truth: First of all, you are asked only to undress to your comfort level, whatever that may be. This may sound glib, but aren’t we all naked under our clothes anyway? On a therapist’s table, you are clinically draped according to Utah law, meaning a full sheet above and below, plus additional draping such as a towel or blanket for extra security and warmth. Only one section of the body is exposed at any given time. Obviously, the more skin that can be accessed, the more beneficial the massage becomes. Truthfully, a person would be more exposed in a swimsuit at the pool than they would ever be on my massage table.
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by David Foley, Licensed Massage Therapist

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