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The Aftermaths of Unpassable Bargains...

The other day at the 99 cent store (love that place) I came upon a rarity...

Nestle. Tollhouse. Cookie dough. 

For a buck.  

A buck people!  And it wasn't just the plain ol' regular choc chip cookie was the their "ultimate's" selection.  Like Chocolate chips and chunks with pecans and chocolate chip cookies with chocolate filling and jumbo chocolate chip cookie as you can guess, I filled up my cart with some yummy goodness.  Well, not the entire cart...just about 10 dollars worth....but hey, it was a lot for me.

So this entire week, our family has been munching and enjoying the sugary delight that only the makers of Nestle Toll House can produce.  "Forget the gym for a bit." I said to my inner self, as I licked the gooy chocolate goodness off my fingers.  And I did.  Until I checked the scale yesterday.  What the?!  Are you kidding me?!  I only had a few cookies....oh wait....I bought 10 dozen raw cookies......and I hate to admit it....but I had baked all but 2 of the packages I'd bought.  Crap.

I got home from the gym feeling quite ashamed of myself.  I looked at an empty cookie dough package sticking out of the trash and inwardly cried, "You evil thing you!"  I picked it up, ready to.....oh, I don't know....put it in time out?  Then I turned it over for some reason and read the top of the package that I'd half way cut off.  I immediately laughed.

Did you read what I pointed at in the above picture?

Yeah.  You read correctly.

"Open Here To Make Sweet Memories"

"Sweet Memories!" I exclaimed out loud.  Memories of a couple pounds lighter just walked out the door for me thanks to those lil' cookie dough suckers.  Memories of that unfortunate aftertaste you get inside your mouth after you've eaten chocolate.  Yes, it exists.  We don't talk about it because the experience of the initial taste of chocolate is soooooo yummy.....but if you have too does leave a less to be desired aftertaste.  It's like sin.  Wait.  Did I just compare my sweet delicious friend chocolate to that of sin?

Whoa.  Deep thoughts, my friends.  Deep thoughts.

I shoved the package back in the trash can and immediately tried to suck in my waist....hide the evidence of my "naughtiness" you could say.  Nope.  That wasn't going to work.  As a friend of mine told me way back when, "10 pounds of crap shoved in a 5 pound bag still looks like 10 pounds of crap."

What was done was done.  And the lesson was made all too clear.  Stay away from good deals on cookie dough at the 99 cent store.  Well, at least until you are able to fit into your dream jeans again.  Then as a reward you may have a cookie.  Or two.  Or ten.

Wow....this is going to be a lifelong temptation, I can feel it.  Bargains and yummy treats.


Katy is a musically inclined mother of three who loves life, her husband Dave, and cheesecake. Ahhhh....blessed cheesecake. Her fun filled roller coaster of thoughts can be found at Admission is always free.

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