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Discussion Wednesday

Blessings play an important role in the Mormon Church.

Giving a baby a Name and a Blessing.

Blessings of Comfort.

Confirmation Blessings.

Blessings of Health.

That last one is the only blessing given that is recorded on church records
and I was taught recently by my Stake Patriarch that not only do some of those blessings recorded NOT happen in this life, but we can also be judged by our blessing.

I found that incredibly interesting.

Let's discuss:

How do you help your family members
or friends prepare to receive their Patriarchal Blessings?

What specific things, besides praying and fasting, are helpful for people
getting ready to receive this important blessing?

Do you attend with your family members when they receive their blessings, and listen?

Do you read their blessings?

Do you talk about it with them afterwards?

What is "off limits" to you personally regarding the discussion of your Patriarchal Blessing?

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