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Follow the Prophet

We found out this morning that my husband is no longer employed.

What a way to start the morning!

He called me, and first was the shock.

Then the grief.

(Oh boy, the grief! Ask my sister about how I called, sobbing, and she thought one of my kids had died.)

Then the anger.

Finally, acceptance.

(Yes, I reserve the right to go through any and all of those steps again tomorrow. The next day and maybe the next, too.)

In all of this, I find myself intensely grateful. It's been a full 19 months since we found ourselves in a "our budget is hemorrhaging cash" situation.

We have enough cash set aside to see us through for a few months. I really wish it was more, but I'm glad for what we have. I still have my income as a piano teacher and he has a new business started on the side that's looking promising. We have a full-year's worth of food for our family squirreled away in the basement. I have the skills to take care of my family with very little cash and believe me- I've practiced these skills many times! Homemade bread, homemade yogurt, homemade dolls, homemade diapers.... I'm Cheap.

We've always tried to make sure our family was Ready. We weren't sure for what, but we've done what we could by getting our food storage in order, saving a little each month, learning skills that would help us be self-sufficient. We've tried to be spiritually self-sufficient too- tithing, fast offerings, scripture study, prayer, family home evenings, temple attendance, and church attendance are all a vital part of being Ready.

This is going to be a nerve-wracking trip, because it always is when we step into the unknown; however, I'm grateful for a long line of prophets that have counseled us to always be ready for what comes and to always prepare.

This post written by Myrnie

Photo credit: flickr creative commons

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