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Food for Thought

I don't know about you but lately, every afternoon when the kids ask me the age old question, "What's for dinner?", I cringe in fear.  I worry they won't like the last minute recipe I've concocted.  Or worse, they'll wrinkle their noses in disgust and rally together like a union on strike, refusing to even touch the food on their plates. What makes it worse is that their father, my ever sweet loving husband, has been know to side with them!


After recently being painted into one of these culinary corners, I threw up the white dish towel in my hands and emotionally checked out.  Fleeing to the only place of solitude in our home, the bathroom, I sat in our empty tub, knees held close to my chest and cried.  Why did I care so much about what my family thought anyway?  Who do they think they are?  Julia Child?  Wolfgang Puck?  Martha Stewart?

Through tears of frustration, I prayed.  And prayed.  And prayed.

Then thoughts started to come to my mind, manifestations of the spirit.  And this is what I learned:

I must do more than fill my families tummies with good food.  I must nurture their spirits.

While I kept focusing on how I wasn't appeasing their taste buds, I forgot to put my efforts on making sure they were being fed in other ways.

When we teach our children to "feast upon the words of Christ", we're helping change to occur.  In word and in deed. In my case, if I wanted my family to be more like Chirst, especially towards my apparent lack of cooking skills, I needed them to Come Unto Christ.

Their minds, hearts and spirits needed nourishment as equally as their tummies.  In fact, they were starving for it. Who was I to deny them and myself that sacred opportunity?

That was my answer.  That was how I was to help them and help myself at the same time.

So we're going to try to read the scriptures a little harder, pray with more sincerity of heart, be kind to one another more fervently and hopefully we'll lose a little weight in the attitude department, and gain a little love for Mommy in the family department.

Katy is a musically inclined mother of three who loves life, her husband Dave, and cheesecake.  Ahhhh....blessed cheesecake.  Her fun filled roller coaster of thoughts can be found at  Admission is always free.

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