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Pecan Orchard in Spring
(my favorite pecan grove on the way to our family farm)
It was a rush to get my husband out of the door to work and my morning clock was already ticking too fast with a to-do list a mile long. I was scattered and a bit stressed far too early in the morning.

We both ended up loading into our cars at the same time and in the rush we had forgotton to say prayer. Once we realized this, we made a quick effort to do so. With my son buckled into his carseat with the door open, and myself standing right outside my husband's car door, we bowed our heads to pray.

My husband caught me off-guard. He thanked our Father in Heaven for where we are now. 

My mind wandered. We had hit a very rough spot. A spot that seemed difficult to get past and my mind was troubled with questions like, "why and how and when?"

And yet, he thanked Him.

All I thought was, "how could he thank Him?" I listened to the still small voice. And I am here. And I don't want to be here. I want to move forward, or backward, or go anywhere but here.

And in a very still moment, I felt my heart soften. It was peaceful and calm. And my mind joined his in prayer. And I found myself thanking our Maker too.

Carrie lives in Seattle with her family of 4. Her passions include photography, writing, reading, and above all else-- being a wife and mother. She has been trying for ten years to make the perfect chocolate chip cookies, would secretly like to learn how to throw a yo-yo correctly, and is finally mature enough to admit that she's not a fan of decorating cupcakes. GASP. You can find more of her at The Rowdy Stroudy's.

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