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Homeschooling Momma Burnout

As a homeschooling momma, when the weather warms up, I start thinking, "I'm so burned out! I don't want to do school. I don't want to do anything! No housework! No homework!" And every summer, I ask myself "Why do I feel this way?"

It's because I've learned that even homeschooling momma's need a break.

We are not superwomen! Yes, sometimes I feel a bit superwoman-ish... the garden's planted, we picked cherries from the cherry tree, the dishes are done, the dog is fed, and oh yeah! We finished a complete literature book and a science experiment.... Did I mention that my kids are all millions of grade levels ahead, I bake my own bread, and we make all of our own clothes too? Just kidding!

It is my opinion, that all mom's need a summer break. But as a homeschooling momma, I find that I especially need a break from my kids! Does that make me a bad mom? Nope, just a tired one.

Summer is time to relax. It's time to fire up the grill, and to lay around the house eating popsicles. Time to jump on the trampoline and catch fireflies. (Okay, we might have to discuss why fireflies light up, I can't help it!) But both moms and kids need to have a break. You need to take the time to recharge your batteries. Go ahead and lay on the couch with that book you've been dying to read! (And make sure it's NOT a book on how to better teach your children, but rather that juicy novel that you've been waiting for!) Allow yourself time to rest, so that you can be a better parent.

Of course, the guilt has a way of rolling in, as I watch my kids plant flowers and pretend to be pirates. But then I remember, my kids are always learning. Planting flowers is teaching them hard work, patience, and then gratification when the flowers bloom. It is teaching them about the beauty of God's creation. They are learning to share and pretend and play nicely as they use their imaginations in the backyard.

We should continue to do the things that our Father in Heaven has asked of us; read the scriptures with your children daily, have weekly FHE, and pray daily. Then relax! Your kids deserve a summer and so do you! Go hop in the pool and be thankful that you get to just be with your kids.

After all, school will be here again before you know it.

JL Kaylor is a homeschooling momma to three, owner of the LDS PENPALS PROGRAM, and has written a book on LDS Homeschooling. She loves to write, talk, and play with her babies! You can visit her at MOMTOTHREEBABIES.

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