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I Am More

Life and motherhood are so much alike, sometimes they both just stink. 

Often like dirty diapers.

You have good days and bad days. Some days are a lot of fun, filled with successes. Others you just want to drown your sorrows in chocolate and new shoes. And all the grand plans you make tend to get tangled and crushed like the spagetti and crackers all over my floor.

Some might even say motherhood is their life.

But not me.

While being a mother is a colossal part of who I am, much like my extra long feet, it's not ALL I am.

I am a wife. Not quite a perfect one, but almost. My husband just hasn't figured that out yet.

I am an artist. At least I like to imagine that I am. It does wonders for my ego.

I am a reader. I love to read. This way I can play pretend with out having to dress-up.

I enjoy movies. Especially ones that involve the guy getting the girl. I'm a hopeless romantic.

I enjoy friends. I like to pretend I have some. Of course, I don't know how they feel about it.

I enjoy crafts. Creating things gives me an artificial chocolate high without the nasty caloric side effects.

 I love flip flops. My in-laws will never let me live down all the years I wore them in the snow.

I love swimming. Alas, here in the west, swimming pools are a thing of the gym. *sniff*

I love daisies. Perhaps upon reading this, my husband may pick up my subtle hint.

I want to travel. It's just wrong to say you've been to Paris, France but not San Diego, CA.

I want to learn. Someday I'll know photography, painting, and juggling.

I want a chicken. Someday... I think.

Yes, I am a mother. Does it consume my every waking moment... and my every non-waking moment?


But I am not "just" a mom. There is no such thing as "just "a mom. I am so much more, and I'm not talking jean size.  I am more than "just" a mom not only for me, but for my children as well.

That is part of being a mom too.

So look beyond the snot covered clothes and the bags under the eyes that rivals the size of an overflowing diaper bag. Look beyond the toy scattered living room and the dishes piled high in the sink... oh, and that stinky diaper thrown in the corner over there. (nervous laugh) Sorry about that.
For I am more.

What are you? What do you enjoy? What do you love? What do you want?

Serene is a mom of four kids in four and a half years who loves chocolate, art, and high heels. She blogs over at Serene is my name, not my life! She is also a freelance artist. View her art work on her portfolio page!


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