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A Simple Ring

My husband and I are both pretty sensible people. When we went ring shopping, we had a pretty tight budget. And we stuck to it. The ring we bought is less than half a carat. It's not gaudy, it's not huge, but it's just right. It is sturdy, nice to look at and in the right light, just sparkly enough to take your breath away.

For a long time, this little ring was the most valuable item in our possession. Every once in a while, I will notice someone else's wedding ring. How large it is. How beautiful, or original, or well, huge. And for a minute, I'm a little big jealous. I regret just a little bit that we didn't go into debt for my ring. But, then I look at my hand and see the ring that has been there for almost nine years now. The ring that fits so well, I forget that it's there. The ring that has never once (thanks to an expert salesman) even come close to falling off.

One day, not too long ago, I realized how appropriate this ring is for our marriage. We aren't a gaudy couple. We live small, but meaningful, lives. And we are sturdy. While there are moments that I want to smack him and he wants to put his fist through a wall, we have never once, (thanks to faith and prayer) even come close to falling apart. And our love, well, in the right light, it's just sparkly enough to take your breath away.


Rachel Sue is a stay at home mom who loves to read, eat, craft, blog and snuggle with her 4 little kiddos as often as they will let her. Read more about her burdens and her blessings at Trapped Between a Scream and a Hug.

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