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Discussion Wednesday: Working Moms vs. Stay-at-home Moms

We're all friends here, right? 

I'll be honest then: I have never understood this war between Working Moms and Stay-at-home Moms. 

It seems silly, really. 

I have been on both sides of the fence-- A Working Mother and a Stay-at-home Mother. 

I have served on PTO's where I was the only stay-at-home Mom
and I heard really rude comments directed at me.
For Example: "You should stop being lazy and contribute to your family."

I have served on a PTA where I was the only working Mom and heard things like: 
"Only women who are selfish, narcissistic and don't follow The Family Proclamation choose to work outside the home."

Why do we do that? Tear each other down over personal life choices? 

What works for you- works for you. It doesn't mean it has to work for me

So. What are your feelings on being a Working Mom or a Stay-at-home Mom?

Why have you chosen what you have chosen? 
Why does it work for you?

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