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I got an email from my son, serving a mission in Taiwan. He said he was keeping track of his dreams.

I believe in dreams.

Both kinds.

There are dreams that are more like hopes. And then there are dreams that you have as you sleep. Some of those can be pleasant, some of them not so pleasant, and some revelatory. Yes, much like Father Lehi "I dreamed a dream..."

Sometimes a dream is just your way of working out all the stresses during the day. Such as last night all I can remember in my dream is a bunch of numbers and squares--working on excel spread sheets because that is what I was doing--the budgets for my husband's project.

Sometimes it is all your fears.

Sometimes they are non-sensible such as when you are pregnant and you dream you are having puppies or a Barbie doll--

Sometimes they are connected to your spouse:

My sister dreams she is making mashed potatoes--
and that same night her husband, dreams he is eating mashed potatoes.

Sometimes they do have a message. And I think that is what my son was looking for.

I remember one, many years ago when I had two kids, aged three and one. I was suffering with heart palpitations and super stressed out (later I found out I had MVP--mitral valve prolapse--a common thing.) So, my husband hired a housekeeper to come in and clean my house once a week. One night I dreamed that she hugged me, thanking me for something. At the time I had no idea what it was about. In fact, I forgot about it. A few weeks later when she came to clean, she told me about her car breaking down and needing new tires, and having no money. We decided to give her some money and when I handed her the check she hugged me-- just as she had done in my dream. I guess that falls into the category of a precognitive dream.

One time I dreamed that there was a snake in my mom's yard and she put a can down on it to trap it. Years later, she got bit by a baby rattler in her front yard and dropped a pot on it trapping it. So strange.

The hard part is to figure out what has meaning and what is just you sifting through your troubles. I definitely never gave birth to puppies.

But I feel that dreams are God's way to communicate with us in these days. If you had an Alma the younger experience, you would be rushed to the hospital. That would be scary.

A dream is so much more pleasant.


Deila is the mom of five "mostly raised" kids. She looks for the deeper meaning of life’s joys and struggles on planet earth. You can find her in: Eve out of the Garden, at

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