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Mii Marital Drama

I should seriously be a marriage counselor. I resolve conflict in the most fair, peaceful, mature and swift manner. Take the following as example of how to solve conflict in your marriage:

After putting our baby in bed, the Hubster and I snuggled up on the couch, not with each other, but with our individual Wii controllers.
Game on.

In the midst of getting walloped during our sword fight, I noticed that my Mii’s hair was ugly. Apparently spending half an hour deciding on a hair style for my Mii wasn’t long enough. In my defense, the Hubster was rambling about how it didn’t matter and blah blah blah. I buckled under his pressure and apparently selected the most repulsive mullet hairstyle on the entire game.

“Um, my Mii has a mullet and I need to fix it”, I whined.

Knowing full well how irritated he would be, I knew I had to give him an ultimatum of some sorts.

“And I’m not playing until you let me fix it.”

I’m certainly glad I came fully prepared for that ultimatum to be shot down. Because it was in a matter of 2 milliseconds. He did, however, sincerely state how beautiful he thought my Mii was and even went as far to say that his Mii was in love with my Mii because she was beautiful.

That just made the situation worse because I knew he was mocking me. Worse than that, he still wasn’t me let me change my Mii’s hair. I couldn’t bare to see the mullet any longer. So, like any mature adult, I placed my controller on the couch and stormed out of the room mid sword fight. I had to show him I was serious.{{Hair-flip}}

My strategy wasn’t working. It was actually working against me because now the Hubster was laughing at me. I racked my brain with more ultimatums I could use to my advantage.

Suddenly, the light bulb went off. {{Ding!}}

“I’m not making your birthday cake tomorrow if you won’t let me change her hair.”

And just like that, I got my way.

So as you can see, it is important to use things like birthday cakes as leverage to get your way. A word of caution: you should only use this tactic in situations that are of eternal importance because sooner or later, this strategy will become ineffective.

Obviously, I’m a marriage counselor trapped in a Mommy's body.

Vanessa is the wife to the modern Price Charming and mommy to the most scrumptious baby boy who has mastered a fake cry. She spends her days avoiding laundry, enforcing naptime, and setting off the fire alarm while cooking. She has a private blog that you aren't allowed to read, but you can read this one:

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