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Naming Baby

I hope this little boy has a good sense of humor.

You see, genetically it is highly likely that he'll get my red hair, and his father's (a little on the large side) ears. It'll be miraculous if he escapes the need for both glasses as well as braces, and whatever genetic codes that make both of  his parents tall and skinny (although I prefer to be called "slender" or "thin"). I mean really. I can just picture the poor kid now. A tall, knobby kneed boy with red hair, buck teeth, and big ears (and probably nose too).

And this might all be fine... if we weren't naming him what we're planning on naming him. Let me explain. Hubby has had this name picked out for years. Years. Since we met he's been talking about having a little William Robert. William Robert, you say, there's nothing wrong with that name. You're right, there isn't anything wrong with the name. It's the nickname that is the problem. Hubby and his whole family are already calling him Billy Bob. They think it's hilarious.

If Hubby had chosen the same simply for the opportunity to call the kid Billy Bob, that would be one thing, but the name actually does have meaning. William is Hubby's best friend of 28 years, who happened to name his first born after Hubby. Robert is Hubby's dad. The name makes sense, and he's wanted it for longer than I've known him, so I really feel like I just have to give this one to him.

I just hope this little boy has a good sense of humor.

Heather is a wife, daughter and soon-to-be mother. She likes to think of herself as A Goddess in Progress, which is where she normally shares the random details of her life.

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