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If you've ever taken an art class, ask yourself this next question.  Actually, even if you haven't taken an art class, try to answer as well.  Did you find it odd that in Art class, when there was a vase of flowers or an arrangement of fruit in a basket for you to draw, everyone's pictures looked completely different? I mean, everyone is looking at the same thing, right? So why the differences?

Here's my may be the same as yours, or not.  And that's okay.

Because individually, we all have our own point of view. It doesn't mean that one's “picture” is better than anothers. It just means that their focus is different. Not wrong. Not bad. Not horrible. Just different.

Growing up with five brothers and sisters, it came at no surprise to anyone that we all didn't agree all the time about anything and everything. And 9 times out of 10, we'd debate with each other till one of two things happened.

1.One of us would leave the disagreement and the room in a huff, seeing it pointless to continue.

2.We'd hash it out till it got so old that mutually, we'd finally give up on trying to persuade the other to come over to our “side of the fence”.

As you can imagine, there were some heated “discussions” in our household. And that was totally fine. Our parents had always taught us to have our own thoughts, opinions and ideas and to not be afraid to stand by them when necessary. Now there were times that one of us would have an opinion that was so obnoxious that clearly we knew what our parents thought of it. And a time or two they would share their thoughts...but most of the time they'd just listen. Listen and encourage us to develop a greater understanding of whatever it was we were so passionate about.

I loved that about my growing up years.

The difference between the perceptions expressed in my home and defending them from the perceptions expressed as an adult and defending them are like night and day at times for me.

While I knew that my siblings loved me no matter what...that certainty is well, very uncertain in the real world. And for a long time when someone would disagree with me and want to debate, I would emotionally leave. (See number 1 above for clarification.) And that was immature and unproductive.

So after years of working at it...this interpersonal communications thingy...I finally learned how to “share my opinions” without fear. And the key to it all was as simple as the existence of the disagreement itself.


Putting yourself in the others' shoes.

Appreciating their “perception”.

And yes, you may not see something eye to eye with someone...but again, that is okay. In fact, it is as it should be. We are all children of God, yes. But not just collectively...individually too.

So even though there are two sides to every story...we can never forget the symbolic “coin” itself. Differences help us grow. And it's in that process that I embrace heart and soul.

Katy is a musically inclined mother of three who loves life, her husband Dave, and cheesecake. Ahhhh....blessed cheesecake. Her fun filled roller coaster of thoughts can be found at Admission is always free.

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