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Thank you for the Knowledge

The world turns 'round like a ferris wheel
Sometimes you're low and sometimes you're high
But even way down you can never forget
The thrill you feel when you're touchin' the sky
My turn, it's my turn
It ends with death it begins with birth
And it's my turn, it's my turn
It's my turn on Earth
- (Lex de Azevedo / Carol Lynn Pearson)-

While watching my daughter the other day, I had a sudden memory
of sitting in front of the tv on a Sunday afternoon watching the video "My
Turn on Earth." It was a musical production performed at BYU that
was filmed and put to video. Its a rather simple production but one that
touches on deep subject matter...

Where did I come from?
Who am I?
What do we do while we are here?
What’s right and what’s wrong?
How do I return to live with him again?

I remember loving the movie--
the music and the fun costume the main
character, Barbara wore.

As I have gotten older I have remembered the lessons
that stood out from such a simple video from my childhood.
I can answer all the above questions that were posed
during the video...
but how many others can?

I am grateful for the blessing of
the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life.
I know where I am going,
where I want to be,
and who I want to be.

I am grateful for the knowledge
that I know where I came from,
and where I will end up.
I believe that we as members of the church
take this knowledge for granted.

How wonderful is it that WE KNOW the TRUTH
and that if we remain righteous and follow
God’s Plan we can live with him again!
Rejoice in that knowledge you have,
and share it with others...
because right now it’s YOUR turn on Earth!

- - - - -

Kiley has been married to the love of her life {and Donny Osmond look-a-like} for seven years. She is also Mother to a gorgeous three year old girl, Owner and Designer of Cherry Blossoms Hair Accessories and Cherry Blossoms (the Blog).

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