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Why I Blog

I think everyone should have a blog. I really do.  I started blogging about a year ago and knew absolutely nothing including where to begin.

  I started to blog because I wanted to keep in touch with my friends. I continue to blog because I want to meet more people.

The other day I was thinking about blogger profiles and how we all have one whether or not we actually have a blog.  We all say the same things when we introduce ourselves to one another.

For instance I usually say:  "I'm a mother of three beautiful daughters and I LOVE to write."

Sometimes in the blog world I forget to fill out the little "About me" section. I've filled it I don't know how many times, but each time I fill out that "About me" section I think of something NEW I want to add; Something to peak another person's  interest so they will click over to my blog.

I admit that when I first started blogging, I didn't understand it at all. Why would anyone in their right mind want to publish their feelings and writings on a blog? Not me! However, as I got used to the idea I noticed I wanted to add more and more of my writing.

Because it was fun.

Because it was me.

Because I was connecting with other women and because as a mother I needed to know that other moms struggle too.

This is what I have learned from blogging:

  • Keep your posts short. There are so many blogs in the blogosphere to read. If you keep your posts short you are more likely to get a comment on your blog. (And who doesn't love feedback?)
  • Connect with your readers. Listen to them when they comment.  Respond back to them. Develop a relationship with them. It will help them to keep coming back for more if they know you care.
  • Find your voice. When you write, realize it is you talking. Don't copy anyone else. Just talk to me like you would on the telephone. I want to learn more about YOU! That's why I am on your blog!
  • If you have a blog, you have probably heard of Blogfrog and Twitter. Sign up and get on if you haven't already. These are great forums to join and connect with others.
  • Just write! Make sure you update somewhat daily on your blog.  If you don't post, people can't read what you have to say. I suggest updating your readers 2-3 times a week. Sometimes too much can be overwhelming.

Blogging has brought me some amazing friends and connections I would have never had if I wouldn't have started blogging.

When I blog I remember that I'm not alone and there are other moms who struggle-- just like me.

Blogging is about making connections and lifelong friendships.  Who truthfully, who doesn't want more friends?

Alexes is a mother of three beautiful daughters and can be found making videos and connecting with others at One Cluttered Brain.

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