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How To Contain Your Childs School Papers

At the end of the last school year my 1st grader came home with a  'book' his teacher had made to contain all of my sons important or  special papers from the year.

The make-up of the book was so simple that I couldn't help but fall in love.

Each  month had it's own pocket with a corresponding picture of my child (or  his class) from that time period. Inside the pocket were tests, school  work or art projects that he had done during that month.

It was pure genius!

In  fact I loved it so much that I've decided to implement it's use for all  of my children for each year... in the hopes that it will contain the  insane amount of papers we receive during the year.

It  also makes a good post for today's blog swap. So I'm going to teach you  how to make your own--super easy--'Back to School Book.'

What you need:
> At least 5 folders (one pocket for each month your child is in school)
> Scissors
> Label stickers 
> Permanent marker

Step One:
You will need to take one of your folders and cut it in half to make the front and back cover. Like the picture instructs. :)

On the bottom right hand corner is where I put the name of my child and the grade the folder pertained to.

Step Two:
Fold  the rest of your folders so that the pockets are on the outside, with  the crease on the outer edge of what will become your book. Label each  pocket with a month... preferably in order ::wink::

Step Three:
Paper  clip the almost book into the order you want and then take it down to a  print shop to get it bound. I did two books and it cost me around $8  for both. It also should only take a few minutes to get them done.

Important  note: Your going to bind the loose side of the folders. The folded edge  will be the outside--YOU DO NOT BIND THE FOLDED EDGE.... unless you're  me, then you'll discover that staples work fine as well.

Step Four:
Admire your handiwork.

Step Five:
Put  the book somewhere easily accessible so that you can use it throughout  the school year to catch important papers and report cards. When the  year is over stick it in your child's special file (or whatever your  equivalent is).


Cannwin  spends her time searching for her inner Shakespeare in the hopes that  one day she will be able to dethrone the king and take her place as the  greatest writer of all time. She currently resides in South Dakota with  her husband and four children. You can explore more of her world at The Great and Random Ramblings of Cannwin , The Literary Soundtrack, and askCannwin.

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