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Onions and Obedience

Contrary to popular belief, I do cook healthy meals.



When I'm out of macaroni and cheese (just kidding... sort of).

Once upon a time, I was making curry chicken. Joseph, my then three-year-old son, was being my helper. Things were going well until I started slicing an onion. When he saw that pearly white round thing, he just couldn't resist.

"Mommy, that's so yummy! I want some!"

I tried to tell him he that wouldn't like it, but he can be rather stubborn at times (Hmm, I have no idea where he got THAT trait from. I'm dumbfounded, honestly!), so he just kept insisting.

"No, it's not yucky! It's yummy!!"

Well, some lessons just gotta be learned the hard way, you know? Finding a pretty little onion circle, he picked it up and popped it into his mouth.

It took him all of 1.2 seconds to realize just what kind of nastiness he had put into his mouth. His face crumbled from its euphoric state into one of complete disgust. Quickly spitting it out he declared, "That's yucky!"

See? I told him it would taste yucky! But he didn't listen. He thought he knew better than me and all that nonsense.

Why don't my kids just listen? Haven't they figured out yet that mommy knows all? That she is the supreme example of knowledge and wisdom here on earth!?

I am forgoing copyright on this post for use as an analogy in your next Sunday School lesson.

No need to thank me.


Serene is a mom of four kids born in four and a half years who pretends she knows what she's talking about, even though she really doesn't. She blogs over at Serene is my name, not my life! She is also a freelance artist. View her work on her portfolio page!

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