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Potty-Training Do's and Don't's and A Letter to Fuzz

My Mama cat who, has not gotten fixed yet, had her kittens four weeks ago. I have watched her with her kittens the last couple of weeks. I can't imagine having six babies at once! MY Mama cat--Fuzz, we like to call her, sure has her work cut out for her. She feeds them every day and licks them to her cleanliness standard. In a couple more weeks, she is going to teach them how to use the litter box.

Although, I do not envy Fuzz in the slightest for having to potty-train six cute little monsters, I have one that I am sitting on who needs to be potty trained and I am having a tough time doing it. I have compiled a list for you, kind of like the Do's and Don't of potty training if you will. Here it goes:

My Do's and Don't of Potty-training:

  • Start Early. I think my cat might have it right. She starts potty-training her young ones anywhere from 4- 6 weeks. Hmm. I just might look into that.
  • When your little one, starts to tell you she is wet or she needs a diaper change, it is probably time to bring out the "potty" books and the toddler potty.
  • Invest in wood flooring for your house NOW before you have children! (It is easier to clean up wet from wooden floors then carpet!)
  • Leather couches. They are really easy to clean say Junior decides to have an accident on your couch!
  • Hire a Potty train Expert to toilet-train your child. It might be less headache for you if we just send our kids to a potty training school to toilet train our kids. :)
  • Rest assured your kids will probably be potty-trained by kindergarten. If your little ones finally gets the whole "toilet" thing by four, no worries, right? Age is just a number right? :)
There you have it. That's my potty list of Do's and Don't's!

Back to Fuzz for a minute though. I can sense tiredness in my poor Mama cat as she struggles to feed all six kittens at once. Rest assured, sweet Fuzz of mine, you are doing a terrific job raising your kitties. I know it is tough with all of us around wanting to play with them and hold them, but you sure are a trooper. Thank you for putting up with the likes of me and my family, as we enjoy your sweet kittens. Perhaps maybe I should pour some Dr. Pepper in your bowl so you can feel revived again. :) I love you Fuzz, and don't you worry, as soon as these babies are taken care of, we will help alleviate this "kitten" burden from you. We will have that annual visit from the vet. Because, let's face it Fuzz, I think your kitten-making days are over. Ten kittens is a lot of kittens to help you raise. But we will be there for you Fuzz. We love you.

I'm a mother--which means I am a short order cook, wiper of bums and peacemaker. (Well, I try to be anyway.) I try to de-stress by taking long bubble baths, eating chocolate and drinking Diet Dr. Pepper.

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