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Ancient of Days

Yesterday, my husband, Chris, introduced me to This has been my 24 hour obsession.

Now I thought I wouldn't get into the whole family history kick for another 30, 40 years, but let's face it---I already act like an 80 year old woman. I go to bed early, and I get up early. McKay was invited to a birthday party last week that started at the ridiculous hour of 6 p.m. and lasted until, gasp, 7:30! For a girl who's usually in bed by 6:30, I knew this was going to be difficult for her, and for a mom who usually has her pajamas on by 6:00, I knew this was going to be difficult for me too.

Luckily this late hour didn't interfere with dinner, because, like the elderly, we tend to eat dinner insanely early. Some members of our family, o.k. all members of our family, tend to get irritable when hungry. So I kept moving the time we ate dinner up earlier and earlier. We rarely ever eat dinner later than 5:30. And on occasion, I am almost embarrassed to say, when I am extremely hungry we eat at 4:45. I'm pretty much a natural at the geriatric lifestyle, so it's no wonder this family history thing appealed to me.

Anyway, I started tracing me family history back through my mom's side of the family, and I noticed it just kept going. I started getting excited to think I might actually break from the quadruple digit dates into the triple ones. Sure enough I found ancestors born in the 900's. My comments ("I'm related to Warrin the Bald! I'm a bazillion great-granddaughter of Charlemagne!) attracted Parker's attention. He came over to watch our family tree unfold, and he too got caught up. "Hey, mom," he said with complete sincerity, "do you think we're related to Adam?"

So after about two hours of mouse clicking, an amazing thing happened. "Wait, a second," I mumbled. "Did I just find Judah, son of Jacob and Leah? Seriously?" Then once I hit Shem, son of Noah, I knew I was going to make it. And yes, I traced my heritage all the way back to Adam!

"Chris! Chris!" I exclaimed, "I traced my family history back to Adam!"


"You're not acting excited enough."

"You're acting like you actually did the research."

"I just spent two hours of my life clicking a mouse. Seriously hard work."

"Call your mom. She can be excited with you."

She was.

Thank you, mom.

guest post by Kodie Davis

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