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Bag Lady

As women and mommy’s we often talk about all the hats we wear. There are the nurse, referee, psychologist and maid hats, just to name a few. They are not always worn willingly, but they come with the whiny, sticky territory of motherhood. I find that along with the hats, I carry a lot of bags.

Especially on Sundays.

On what should be the most peaceful day of the week, why do I have so much stuff?

My bags can be broken down into categories. First there is my large purse I carry. Unfortunately cars have been broken into in our church parking lot and purses taken. So, the purse stays with me. And it doesn’t hurt to have for emergencies like lip gloss reapplication and check writing for fundraisers and food storage.

Then there is the Sunday Bag. This was a bag started years ago and has stuck around. It carries all the Sunday essentials for keeping kids reverent for 65 minutes. It doesn’t always work but it’s the thought that counts.

Pencils for drawing. Scratch paper. The Friend magazine. Kleenex for snot needs. And then there are the absolute essential Cheerio bags.

I have tried other snacks, but let’s face it Cheerios are the only true cereal. They are small, tasty and portable. They are not messy unless stepped on. Cheerio bags need to be packed with great care making sure there on even amounts in each. I have seen kids count. I used to pack small toys and books but as the kids have got older, I try to keep it simple. The more stuff, the more mess, the less reverent. I don’t need our bench at the end of sacrament meeting to look like my living room.

I also carry around my scripture bag. For obvious reasons I like to have my scriptures at church. But also in the scripture bag are my glasses (a recent addition that has come with old age), my Relief Society manual, scripture markers and any handout I have got at church in the last 5 years. Yes, I am a saver.

Then there is the “calling” bag. Depending on the calling the bag varies in size and content. When I am in Young Women’s it holds manuals, table décor, handouts, pictures, gifts etc…When I am in Primary it holds more snacks, crayons, pictures, coloring pages and duct tape. Okay, kidding about the duct tape, but I have thought about it. Right now I am minus a “calling bag” on Sunday since I have a Tuesday night calling. So there is now “Cub Scout” bag. You don’t even want to know what that contains. Let’s just say whatever works to entertain eight, 8 year olds for 60 minutes.

So after Sacrament I am free of children but left holding all the bags, which are then carried around for the next two hours. I can’t walk too close to folks to keep from knocking them over. And it keeps me from dallying in the hallway, for fear my arms will fall off.

So I will reluctantly keep carrying the bags as I wear the hats. And you may hear me singing my battle cry “…carry on, carry on, CARRY ON!”

guest post by Linda Vance

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