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Bathroom Conversations

It's kinda funny how your kids minds work.  For 4 year old Josie could be off playing in her room having a grand time and so I'll take advantage of the moment by calling my sister.  Then right after she answers the phone and I say "Hey Sis!", out of nowhere, Josie will appear with something so important to tell me that it can't I'll ask my sister to hold on a minute, bend down and say, "Yes Josie.  What is it?" and she'll say "Look at me!" as she twirls in place.  I tell her, "Beautiful." and then get back on the phone only to find her pulling on my shirt anxiously saying "I wasn't done Mom."  Oh, my bad.

Then there are those times when I'm in the bathroom doing "bathroom type things", and a knock on the door will occur with a conversation such as this happening....with only a door in between us.

Mom!  I need to talk to you.

What Josie?  I'm kinda busy.

Cole needs you.

Cole is napping Josie.

Oh.  Can I watch Yo Gabba Gabba?

Yes Josie.

Hannah!   Mom said I could watch my show!

Mom!  I'm watching the Brady Bunch!

Hannah, did you practice the piano?


Did you do your homework?


Well you need to do those things first and then you can have your turn.

Aw man!


What Josie?

Hurry up!  Yo Gabba Gabba is on!

I'm doing the best I can. 


What Hannah?

The phone's for you.  Should I tell them to hold on because you're in the bathroom?

No!  Just tell them I'll call them back!  They don't need to know I'm in the bathroom!

Okay.  Oh wait.  I forgot to put my hand over the part you talk into.



What Josie?

I need to go to the bathroom!

We have another bathroom, Jo.

But I don't like that one.  I like the one you're in.

Oh my gosh.  Okay, Josie, give me a sec.


What Hannah?

I can't figure out this math problem.  Can you help me?

I'll be out as soon as I can.

Mom!  Hurry!  I really need to go!

I know Josie.  I'm trying.

Such is the life of a Mom.

If only my husband was so lucky.....funny how the girls don't bother him a bit when he's in the bathroom.  I need to learn his secret.

Katy is a musically inclined wife and mother of three who enjoys life's many adventures...especially when cheesecake is involved. Ahhhh...blessed cheesecake.  Her roller coaster of thoughts can be found at  admission is always free.

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