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The Beauty is in the Details

Growing up as a ballet dancer, this was the first print that ever had a huge impact on me. I remember it being on the wall of the studio that I studied in for so long. Now that that part of my life is over, this photograph represents so much more than just a dancer in worn leg warmers.

This dancer reminds me that life is not about ease or comfort. It's not about having the most beautiful thing the exact second that you want it. It isn't about the importance of outward appearance.

To me, this beautiful photograph reminds me about the intensity of life; about hard work and devotion; about the sweat and strain that each day brings. It brings to mind the emotional toll that pain can have on the details of our lives.

But most of all, I see beauty. I see what can happen if we work at the impossible until, at last, it becomes possible. I see what will happen when we face pain with sensitivity and passion; when we face problems with an intense determination and a goal in mind. I know each and every one of the afflictions we face will bring about not only holes, wrinkles, rips, and dirt....but also a sense of grace. Grace that will accompany us throughout a difficult journey. Grace that will undoubtedly lead us through the roughest portions of our training. The most special sort of grace that will only be apparent to those who take the time to look a little deeper.

Maybe today we will be worn and weary; perhaps feeling broken and torn. However, tomorrow could be the day that we will have achieved a loveliness about us that a life of ease and comfort could never bring. Tomorrow could be the day that all of our unceasing hard work will create in us the people we were meant to be.

guest post by Karen Wynder

photo source

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