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Children, Like Elephants, NEVER Forget

It appears that my children have been blessed with incredible memories.

This is NOT a good thing.

Several months ago, we were in the throngs of moving and relocating, life was crazy and I was just trying to get it all done.

At one point, I was tired of the boys' bickering and confiscated a toy they were fighting over. I reached up high on a shelf to keep the toy that was causing strife out of reach, and in so doing, knocked an industrial tape dispenser down (about seven feet, if I'm being honest here) upon my two-year-old's head.

It wasn't pretty. There was blood... It required a trip to the Emergency room and two staples in his head to put him back together again. He was absolutely fine in the end, and some ice cream soothed any emotional pain he was feeling.

However, my children then spent the next week telling anyone within hearing-range that "Mommy dropped the tape on Spencer's head." Henry, the four-year-old, was particularly keen to share the story with the world.

Once the staples were out, life returned to as normal as possible. The boys, I thought, forgot entirely about the incident.

Fast forward seven months. For some reason (I don't know why!) we needed to use the packing tape dispenser. When I pulled it out, Spencer immediately declared with glee, "THAT'S THE TAPE MOMMY DROPPED ON MY HEAD!"


Spencer continued, "I had to go to the doctor. I cried and cried."

And on and on it went. The following day, it was needed again, and I was blessed with a resounding chorus of "Tape Dropped on Head," repeatedly.

Lovely. A "bad-mommy" moment is NEVER fun.  Reliving it until you die is even worse!

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