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Dear Julie B. Beck: Will you be my BFF?

Dear Sister Beck,

Dear Sister Beck,

I think you're so neat.  Would you ever consider going out to lunch sometime?  I love the Olive Garden and their breadsticks. 

Dear Sr. B.,

Who does your hair? I'm your biggest fan.

Dear Julie,

Hey there, how's it going? Big meeting with President Monson today?  Anything you can share?

Dear Jules,

Can I call you Jules?

I think you're awesome.  And if you wanted to be my BFF, I would totally be okay with that. We could hang out, and go shopping together. Or we could just sit at the table and chat about how cool you are, and the women of the world that you visit are, too.  But if you're on your way over, will you call first?  I'd hate to have laundry sitting on the sofa when you got here.



The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe has nothing on this Momza of Seven, mil to two, and recently crowned "Granma" to a Ninja-Baby who has stolen her heart with his toothless grin. Dawn is a Midwife Assistant/Doula, Home Stager, Writer, and Convert to the LDS faith--living the dream in the Colorado Rockies! She blogs at Momza's House.

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