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Discussion Wednesday: Halloween! On the Sabbath

This year, Halloween is on SUNDAY.

Which begs the question, 

What are you doing Halloween night?

Are you going trick-or-treating? 

Or are you staying in? 

If you don't go, are you still going to pass out candy to the neighborhood kids? 

Or is that "too bad, so sad"? 

And if you aren't going trick or treating, well, why?

Is it personal? Is it religious?

And what about costumes?

How DO you do costumes at your house?

Do you have a budget? Do you do home-made? 

Do you kids wear make-up? Do you do scary? 

Do you co-ordinate your children, because it's really stinkin' cute? 

 Tell me, readers, 

How are you doing Halloween this year? 

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