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Discussion Wednesday

JackieOrangeReduced MODESTY.

What does it mean to you? And are you teaching your children to be modest?

Do your younger children to wear things that maybe your older children don't? Like for instance, a sundress. I see a lot of little girls in adorable sundresses... but the older kids aren't allowed to go sleeveless. Why is that? At what point does sleeveless stop being “cute” and start being “immodest”? I mean, isn’t that a double standard? Do you have double standard in your house? And does it depend on age? Does it depend on gender?

And REALLY, I want to chat about modesty in regards to the fit of your clothing. Because sometimes I see a really cute girl, wearing really tight pants, and I can see a really, very LOT of her, and I think to myself, does that really count as being modest?

Let’s dish.

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